Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Royal Sahara Typewriter

What could this be?
 Open the three latches...
Lift up the top

It's a 1964-1965 Royal Sahara, in Pewter Gray!

This typewriter was only made for two years. (I think that this is because of the ridiculously round case, and the fact that it is essentially a Royal Safari, which sold for $20 less when it was new) Most of these typewriters are found in Royal's wedge-shaped case--the round case has a flimsy-seeming handle, and was not originally designed to be a typewriter case; it has a cushion that was placed in it by the factory to hold the machine in place. 
This was the standard Sahara ad that appeared in countless newspapers.  The case weighs roughly the same as Royal's more standard case.


  1. What difference is there between the Royal Sahara and the Royal Safari? There has to be something different.

  2. The difference is the case--the Sahara came in a hat-box shaped case and had a page-end indicator. Other than that, It's just a Safari with a different badge and name.

  3. Thanks for the post. Loving the newspaper ad. Do you know what kind of ribbon this takes? I just picked one up at an antique shop.

  4. Oh, and oddly enough, my Sahara is in a square case. Fits like a glove. Is there a way I can send you a picture?

  5. It takes a standard twin-spool ribbon (Amazon and OfficeMax sell them) Yes--just send pictures to typewriterresearch (at)