Monday, November 25, 2013

Cursive Olympia SF, 1971

This typewriter was manufactured in 1971, by Olympia-Werke of Wilhelmshaven, Germany. It is equipped with Olympia Typeface #69--Script. Until I bought this typewriter, I had no idea that this model could be ordered with a Script typeface. 

It has a metal dealer sticker from Sampson Typewriter, in Santa Rosa. It should be pointed out that they didn't even try to center it. 

This typewriter is mechanically identical to my Olympia Traveller Deluxe, from 1979. My Olympia Traveller should have a plaque saying that it was made in Yugoslavia, but it appears to have been removed by the dealer. (The dealer must have been embarrassed to have been selling a Yugoslavian-made typewriter). The holes are still there, but there are no scars from an amateur removal (the plaque was riveted on) 

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