Saturday, January 4, 2014

Royal Fleetwood, 1970

Royal Fleetwood Advertisement, Dallas Morning News, October 10, 1970
The Royal Fleetwood was introduced in 1968. It was produced in Japan by Silver-Reed; Royal rebranded them as "Royals" This typewriter was widely advertised in most regions of the United States. (For some reason, Royal did not advertise this model in Western Washington [there was one ad for it in the Spokane Spokesman-Review] , Oregon, Idaho, Montana. Royal did not advertise the identical Caravan or 240 models in these states either.) It is a good typewriter, a lot like the Brother Charger, or Royal Mercury, but with a preset tabulator. 

Spokane Spokesman-Review ad:,1778939

Royal Fleetwood Advertisement, from the Cleveland (OH) Plain Dealer, June 8, 1971

According to Robert Messenger's post on Imperial Typewriters from the 1970s,, this typewriter was made in 1970 (the Imperial 220 has the same prefix, same design, and same serial number range.)

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