Saturday, February 15, 2014

Royal Century Portable Typewriter, 1969

This is a hard typewriter to research. It was made in 1969 by Silver-Reed, and retailed for $39.95. It was rarely advertised. It was one of the lowest-priced typewriters to have a two-color ribbon and a touch regulator. Other than that, the few ads that exist do not lend much information. The carrying case was often described as a "Console Carrying Cover." Mechanically, it is identical to the Royal Mercury, which sold for the same price, but with a white body. The Royal logo on the ribbon cover is raised. The styling of this typewriter reminds me of many 1930s typewriters and architectural details, as well as the Royal Dart. The "Console Carrying Cover" has the word "Century" printed on it in large, factory-painted letters. Even though it is mechanically identical to the Royal Mercury, it rattles much less frequently than the Mercury, and has a better feel to it. The printed work is also much more visible.


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    The styling looks like an Olympia. It's a nice looking typewriter.