Friday, July 4, 2014

Underwood 18, 1960s

This was not a very expensive portable typewriter--when it was made, its retail price was $39.88. That being said, it is a very pleasant machine to use. Generally, compact typewriters have keyboards that are too small for my hands. However, this is as good as a Brother in terms of keyboard size. Mechanically, it is a lot of fun to use. It prints very nicely, especially when a new ribbon has been installed. That being said, the ribbon color selector is in a very awkward position--it is placed next to the ribbon. 
The case is in beautiful shape, and this typewriter even had its original instructions and warranty information. (I think it's hilarious that Olivetti made cases that were almost guaranteed to fall apart, yet they did not include the case in the warranty. That being said, the Underwood 18's case seems very durable, and easy to repair, if anything does go wrong/)
This ad appeared in The Seattle Times, on May 19, 1971, on page A-7. 

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