Monday, June 10, 2013

Cole-Steel Portable Typewriter, circa 1958

Many typewriter collectors believe that this typewriter only looks good. However, I think that this is also one of the most comfortable typewriters to use. Very few compact typewriters are comfortable to me (I have big hands) but this one is amazing! (Even the keyboard angle is perfect!) Production of the Cole-Steel typewriter began in 1957, and ended in 1966. However, in Seattle, it was only advertised for two years--1958 and 1959. The color of this typewriter is "Cole Gray." While this typewriter has a serial number, it means nothing, as there are no serial number records for this machine. Based on 3 recorded sales, I think that this typewriter is a 1959 model.

This ad appeared in The Seattle Times, November 22, 1959
This ad is from the November 18, 1958 Seattle Times
It seems that Cole-Steel typewriters were often sold with desks. (Cole-Steel was a manufacturer of office furniture. They contracted with Koch's Adler Sewing Machine Company, in Germany to produce a typewriter; Koch's had introduced a typewriter in 1955; Cole-Steel began importing it in 1957.)

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  1. Nice posting! I like the whole desk set idea - and that would be a bargain today. Maybe expensive in 1958.