Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My 1955 Royal Quiet Deluxe

This typewriter is easily the best $2 I have ever spent!

This typewriter is easily my favorite Royal portable, because of its styling, its light touch, and its color. (Also the fact that I only paid $2 helps a lot too...) This typewriter was made in Royal's Hartford Connecticut in 1955, and has cream-colored keys, and a charcoal body. When I bought it, there was a clear label from Hartman Office Machines, in Bellevue WA in poor condition. I kept the label, and will recreate it to the best of my ability. For an idea of the label, I have enclosed Strikethru's Olympia Traveller, which was serviced by Hartman:
The label is on the upper right corner of this typewriter. My label is clear with white lettering. I plan to put it on black paper, scan it, and invert the colors.
Hartman Typewriter was established in the 1950s in Renton, WA, and initially sold Royal typewriters. By the 1970s, Hartman had two locations; one in Bellevue, the other in Renton, as seen on the dealer decal on the front of this Hermes
This dealer decal is very similar to the one found on my Quiet Deluxe.
 By the 1980s, Hartman had moved to Bellevue. Hartman retired in 2010.


  1. Wow, I've never seen an Orange typewriter before! Also, the one right above has seafoam green keys - wow! what great colors.