Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Smith-Corona Corsair Manual

Here is the owner's manual for my Smith-Corona Corsair. (It came from a Corsair Deluxe, but all of the features apply.) It will work for all plastic, English-made Smith-Corona portables, as well as the Sears Scout, and Sears Tutor.
 The back of the manual. The manual is roughly legal-sized.
 The front of the manual
 My Smith-Corona Corsair.


  1. I printed your document and it is very fuzzy reading. I was wondering if you would be willing to .pdf each page individually, so that it is readable. I foolishly purchased the Corsair Deluxe machine on eBay knowing that there were no spools. I did not know it would be so difficult finding ribbons to fit the space allotted.

    1. Check out this webpage:
      It has the Corsair Deluxe manual in pdf