Wednesday, April 9, 2014

1955 Royal Quiet Deluxe--My favorite typewriter

I have always been a big fan of the 1950s Royal Quiet Deluxe portables, no matter what color they are. (Personally, I'd like a pink one, but they are always so expensive.) I like them because they are great machines to use,  with a nice, light, adjustable touch, and a well-designed (although manually-set) tabulator, not to mention the Magic Margin found on so many Royal typewriters. They also have the advantage of being plentiful in the Northwest (I was told by Richard Polt that in Cincinnati, that 1950s Remington portables are very common, often appearing at thrift stores. This was also true of 1950s Royals in Seattle, until recently. Now they are very commonplace in antique shops in the Northwest.) Most look like the one below:
This is the first view that many people have of the Royal Quiet Deluxe (if it has a case)
This is what is usually inside this type of case (some contain the Royal Futura)
Generally, these typewriters are not as clean as this one was when I bought it--this is the exact condition it was in when purchased (I changed the ribbon)
Here is the back of the machine. Notice the excellent condition of the paint and the decal on the rear. Generally these are scraped from putting it in the case.

This typewriter was designed in 1947 by Henry Dreyfuss, and manufactured until the late 1950s. The only changes were made in 1950, when the glass-rimmed keys were replaced with plastic ones, and the body was made more rounded; and in 1953, when a push-button ribbon cover was introduced. In 1957, the ribbon carrier was redesigned for a quicker, less messy ribbon change. Sometime around 1954, the rear panel was redesigned, to wrap around to the sides. Around this time, the Quiet Deluxe finally received a carriage lock. This prevented damage to the carriage while being carried in its case. 

According to Darryl Bridson, 250,000 Royal Quiet Deluxe typewriters were made in 1955. 200,000 were made in 1954. He also provided this ad: 


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  2. Yes these are great typewriters! They are one of my favorites, and every collection should have at least one.
    This later 1950's model (like in your photos) is better than the earlier 50's version (that had the chrome trim around the ribbon color selector, and ribbon reverse levers).
    Thanks for the posting!

    1. Why are the later 50's models better in your opinion? I am looking at a 1940s quiet de luxe. Love the look, but really looking for a no-brainer typewriter for my first buy. Thanks!

  3. At a street fair I purchase a '53 QDL for $10 and from there on my love for the typewriter began. The 1950's Royal portables are one of the best machines Royal had ever produce. From my 1936 Royal Junior to the Royal ME25 the 1950's portable are the best!

  4. I have many machines but the Royal QD is the best to type on in my view. Nice touch, great font (Elite I think) and importantly, quiet so in a 2 hr writings session you don’t have a headache! Seriously, smash out a first draft chapter or story on these babies—you won’t want to stop!!

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