Sunday, May 31, 2015

Trip to Centralia--5/30-5/31--Part One

These photos are from a trip to Centralia with my dad. They are in no particular order. We stayed at the Olympic Club Hotel--built 1913-ish (restaurant in 1908)
Old posters and photographs fill the hotel and restaurant:
 The restaurant has many folding coat hooks:

 A hint of a surprise for tomorrow:
 Centralia Library

 Cornerstone of old library facade--the original front entrance is now inside the library

 Architectural model of Centralia library expansion, c. 1979

 My new 1937 Remington Portable--a birthday gift from my dad:

 A detail of a 1937 Remington portable (see below)
 As you can see, the dealer sticker is as big as my thumb!

 A 1967 Toyota:

 A beautiful 1967 Toyota (old enough to have a Toyopet badge)
 Some shots of the hotel restaurants

 A 1957 Chevy in my favorite shade of brown

 My new 1937 Remington Portable Typewriter--originally sold in Seattle. (Best birthday present ever)
A detail of the table's wrought iron

This woodburning stove, in the restaurant of the Olympic Club Hotel

Monday, May 25, 2015

1956 Hermes Rocket with Deluxe Case

I bought this typewriter at Goodwill's Memorial Day sale. It comes in a very nice leather-covered case (which is structurally very similar to the standard Hermes Baby case). It was originally sold by E.W. Hall, located at 1111 Second Avenue in downtown Seattle. It's old enough that the phone number on the dealer tag has six digits and has an ELiot phone prefix (instead of MAin or MUtual, both of which came in 1958). This is easily the best $20 I have ever spent!