Saturday, March 8, 2014

Smith-Corona Corsair, circa 1963

This is a very early Smith-Corona Corsair. The three giveaways to this are the unusual carriage-return lever, the thickness of the plastic and the fact that the touch selector is under the ribbon cover, like that of the Smith-Corona Skyriter. I bought this typewriter for $20 from Bremerton Office Machines. (Mr. Montgomery asked if I thought it was worth $20 after testing it; it worked perfectly, and I love the styling. I thought it was well worth $20). The plastic shell is much thicker than that of my 1967 beige Corsair. Also, the alignment of its pica type is much more positive. The color makes it look even cuter and smaller. According to Mr. Montgomery, these typewriters generally are missing the ribbon cover and the carrying lid. He had no idea why, especially since these parts are so large.
This lid is made out of very thick ABS plastic. (ABS is the same plastic as crash helmets, car bumpers, etc.)

This is what is contained in the lid. Its casing is just as thick as the lid.

 If you look closely at the paper table, you will see tiny letters that say "Made in England".
 I have no idea what these letters that were scratched into the back mean.
Mr. Montgomery's dealer sticker.

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