Friday, January 30, 2015

NASCO typewriter--in the SeaFirst Building

I know nothing about this typewriter, beyond the fact that it was made by Konryu/Citizen Buisiness Machines in Japan. Its serial number is 009444. Can anybody tell me anything about it? If so, please either comment, or send an email to typewriterresearch (at) 

UPDATE: Based on online sales in Portugal, NASCO may be a Portuguese brand.

 Plaques in the Third Avenue Lobby

Lowest escalator ceilings I have ever seen. I think that they are around 6'6 maybe...
NASCO in Third Avenue Lobby

 A 1968 architectural model of the building in the 4th Avenue lobby
 This lobby furniture looks very natural--ordered in September
Another view of the NASCO


  1. Very interesting. Most of that machine says "Nakajima" to me .. the carriage, with the down-turned margin stop sets. It's too big to be the original Konryu machine, which was marketed by Citizen in a form looking like this and then also by Western Stamping here in the US looking quite different.

    Did you get any shots of any other labels, or of the inside of the machine?

    1. I paid $5 for it. The serial number is incorrect for Nakajima--Nakajima serial numbers are 8 digits; this has 6 digits:00944. The same label says, quite simply: Made in Japan

    2. Interesting. Where on the machine is Konryu indicated as the manufacturer?

      This trademark is probably for the NASCO related to this machine: