Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The best Goodwill find ever!

I bought this 1927 Royal Portable at Goodwill on Labor Day. Since then, I cleaned and oiled it and installed a new ribbon, a new drawband and new rubber, It works like it did when it was new! It was definitely a bargain at $12.99! 

This typewriter was originally sold by E.W. Hall--notice that the phone number (ELliott 5447) is only 6 digits! E.W. Hall was the regional disributor for Corona portables (the reason that these labels are almost always on the back of non-Coronas) In 1938, Hall's moved to 1111 2nd Avenue, but kept the phone number. 911 2nd Avenue is now the site of the Henry M. Jackson Federal Building.


  1. Hello there!
    I just bought my daughter a Royal Aristocrat 1940. She can't get the paper to advance when pushing the space bar. Would you maybe tell me where I can access the manual or any info on this?

  2. Richard Polt has a great selection of instructions. Do you mean that there is no horizontal movement, or that the paper doesn't advance? If the manuals don't help, he also has a repair shop directory

  3. Great find! ~TH~