Wednesday, July 27, 2016

My first Facit ...Like Butter

I traded a 1922 Remington Portable for this portable in Bremerton. Mr. Lundy had spent a long time looking for a carriage return lever for this typewriter, and I realized that one from a Royalite would work:
This 1969 Facit 1620 is the best typewriter I have ever types so smoothly and is so easy to was easy without a carriage return lever, but is easier with one. In terms of color and use, it is like butter. (If you haven't seen Saturday Night Live's Coffee Talk, I highly recommend it). It is so smooth and light; if a typewriter could be made of butter, this would be it!

I just replaced the Royalite carriage-return lever with a much better Royal Custom II folds and unfolds much more nicely, and is easier to reach!


  1. That's a beautiful 1620. I've yet to use one or add one to my collection, but my Facit TP1 and TP2 are sure a breeze to use. Both are silky smooth.