Saturday, December 13, 2014

Quick Quiz/Upcoming model

The new model I will post soon is an oddity. It was made by one of the most popular typewriter manufacturers. Despite this, only 15,000 machines were made (including the DeLuxe model)
It is basket-shifted, has a 42 key keyboard, but lacks the following:

  • Ribbon color selector
  • Touch selector
  • Paper supports
  • a locking mechanism in the case
  • Its own serial number range
  • A gloss finish
  • A tabulator
It does have a bell, which should eliminate the Remette. It also has margins, and a margin release key, and a backspacer.

The first three people to guess correctly will get to choose the background texture for the next photo. Sample choices can be seen below:
E.W. Hall store, 1937-1961. (Courtesy, Puget Sound Regional Archives)
The Smith Tower/an old postcard
Reprint of newspaper article from the Seattle Times, 1938 (about E.W. Hall's move)
Brick-textured cardboard
Photo of Pioneer Square, Seattle
Totem Pole
Drawing of the Lowman and Hanford Building, Seattle
Seattle Telephone Directory, 1940