Tuesday, July 4, 2017

1967 Olivetti Lettera 33

This is one of my all-time favorite typewriters, from its styling to its performance. I won it in a Goodwill Ebay auction on June 1, 2016, for $22.46. Since then, I've cleaned and oiled it, and got a new instruction manual for it (thanks, Greg Fudacz!) It is the smoothest running portable I've ever owned, especially for a compact. I love its imitation leather styling, and vibrant red case! 

The Olivetti-Underwood Lettera 33 was introduced in 1967, to supplement Olivetti's Lettera 32 line. 
I found few advertisements for the Lettera 33 (one from The Bon Marche advertising a "Lettera 33 demo., now greatly red. to clear $49.95"),  Apparently, its 1970 retail price was $79.50. 

Here is a list of Olivetti-Underwood dealers from the 1968 Seattle Telephone Directory


  1. I have an Olivetti Lettera 33. Enjoy it very much. Came with the case, but no manual. Just changed the ribbon! It is the sound and rhythm of typing that gets lost on the word processor.