Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sheaffer Lifetime, c. 1963

This is one of the best fountain pens I've ever used. It was manufactured around 1963 (when all Sheaffer Imperials were given the name "Lifetime" to commemorate the reintroduction of the Lifetime Guarantee). The trim is 14K gold, and it works beautifully. It has the same amazing feel of the Sheaffer NoNonsense and Cartridge pens, and is cartridge-filled (I am clumsy enough that I know an inkwell is a terrible idea...a man must know his limitations.). The feel of a pen is highly subjective, but this one just feels right to me (in the same way that a Ballograf feels right for a ballpoint). 

The advertising for these pens was very forward-thinking (in an accidentally amusing way)--I have no idea if anyone made a wristwatch TV, or a "Credit card ring"--or a camera built into sunglasses (Google glass?)

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