Saturday, January 11, 2014

1966 Adler J4 and Adler in Seattle

American Office Equipment, 900 Fourth Avenue. This was the only Adler dealer in Seattle when this photo was taken. This building was demolished in May, 1971.
 Image Courtesy of the King County Department Of Assessments Records, Washington State Archives, Puget Sound Branch.
According to the 1966 Seattle Telephone Directory, there was only one Adler dealer in Seattle--American Office Equipment, located at 900 Fourth Avenue (which is now the site of the Union Bank of California Building, )
By 1970, following Litton's buyout of Triumph-Adler, there were six dealers who specialized in Adler typewriters in Seattle:
1970 Seattle Telephone Directory Listing (Seattle Public Library)

By 1972, the number had doubled:
1972 Seattle Telephone Directory Listing (Seattle Public Library)

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