Friday, January 17, 2014

Royal Fleetwood's "Original" Box

While this is identical to the box that my Royal Fleetwood would have been sold in when new, it came from a different typewriter. (The box came from Etsy) The typewriter that was inside is a mystery, as there is no "content label"--just a shipping label that indicates that it was machine number 1 of 94 shipped to Edward's Department Store, a South-Carolina-based chain that was later bought by Wal-Mart. Edward's applied a price tag to the front, that indicates that the typewriter that was inside was sold for $34.95. The service center list that came with the box was dated 12/69. 

According to Google Maps, the address on the box was most likely Edward's distribution center. It is now the distribution center for a dairy.
According to the full-page ad above, from the Aiken, South Carolina Standard, dated August 14, 1972, the typewriter in the box was most likely a Royal Sprite, based on the price. The Royal Sprite is fundamentally identical to the Royal Fleetwood, except for the color. (The Sprite is blue and white, instead of black and walnut-grain. 

For anyone who wants to create a replica of this box, the box is roughly 14" x 14" x 5." It opens on the top (short side)

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