Friday, January 3, 2014

A Near Match to my 1960 Olivetti

 My 1960 Olivetti with French accents and mathematical symbols. 
I bought this typewriter in Snohomish, Washington.
 I am still trying to figure out which country it was made for. It was made in Glasgow.
Below is a "Spanish" keyboard Olivetti from The Vintage Typewriter Shoppe. It was sold in 2011. It is also missing most Spanish accents, the ñ, ¿, and ¡ symbols. It also lacks the μ that my Lettera 22 is equipped with. (Greek letter Mu, often used in various sciences, pharmacology, mathematics, linguistics, and meat science. For more, go to If anyone has theories related to my Lettera's keyboard, please email them to Anything will be greatly appreciated.
"Spanish Keyboard Oivetti Lettera 22" from The Vintage Typewriter Shoppe . This item sold in 2011.


  1. My guess is that, with the £ sign, your machine was made for the UK market, but the buyer requested some custom symbols to replace the usual silly assortment of fractions found on British typewriters.

  2. Just a guess - a British customer living in France (it is only 20 miles away) while at the Sorbonne reading mathematics.