Saturday, January 25, 2014

Anderson Business Technologies, Pasadena, CA

Last week, I asked Anderson Business Technologies if they could send me copies of historic photos of their business (Anderson's was founded in 1912). I was expecting small photos, or photocopies. Instead, Don Anderson, the son of the founder, Elmer Anderson, sent me 8x10 originals. (They were duplicates). All of the photos were taken by commercial photographers. Here are the pictures:

 Anderson Typewriter Company, early 1930s. Notice the poster for Royal's Poet of the Organ, Jesse Crawford.
 Anderson's in the early 1940s

 Anderson's in the early 1960s. Notice the round case in the right hand window; it contains a Royal Sahara portable typewriter.
 Elmer Anderson, the founder is holding a Royal Safari Custom, and his son, Don is displaying a Royal Electric typewriter. Notice the display in the background for the Royal Skylark. If anyone is curious as to how Royal displayed portable typewriters, look at the photo above.
The side of Anderson Typewriter Company, in the 1960s.
A current photo of the business.


  1. Magnificent photos!

    I've added a link to your post from mine which pictures California typewriter shops.

  2. Typewriters, heck - I'll take that great T-Bird in the parking lot behind Don!

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