Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Canadian Olympia Traveller de Luxe

I went back to Bremerton Office Machines this morning, where I found the most interesting typewriter I have ever seen. It was designed in Germany in 1969, outsourced to Yugoslavia in 1972, (mine was made in 1980), and mine was most likely sold in Canada in 1980, and resold in Bremerton, WA, USA in 2013--a true Traveler! Mechanically, it is an Olympia SF, with a two-color ribbon. It is quite compact, and somehow quite heavy. I was able to test it and a Remington Noiseless--the Olympia seemed quieter to me! I thought that the whole typewriter was plastic, until I lifted off the ribbon cover--only the black panels are plastic. 

The carrying case/lid is plastic, and stamped with the name "UNIS". UNIS stood for Udru┼żena Metalna Industrija Sarajevo, (United Metal Industries, Sarajevo, in Croatian) and manufactured Olympia Traveller typewriters under licence for many years (most 1970s compact Olympias were made by UNIS.) More about UNIS can be found here:

The Traveller is a very sturdy typewriter. The margins are set in the rear. It is also rare in the United States. 

The carrying case/lid.
The Traveller looks very much at home on the M/V Kitsap, which, coincidentally, was also built in 1980! 
I have since moved the dealer label to the rear of the machine.
The only advertisements I could find for this model were in Canadian newspapers:
From the Brandon (Manitoba) Sun, August 28, 1980

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