Thursday, October 31, 2013

Remington Travel-Riter, 1959

 This case is covered, inside and out, in vinyl. It is very easy to clean. The latches were made in England.
 This typewriter was designed by Carl Sundberg, and made in the Netherlands. It's boxier than it looks!
Remington called this color scheme "Pearl and Charcoal." It was the only color scheme available on the Travel-Riter in 1959. Other names for this typewriter include "Tower Centurion," "Remington Monarch," "Torpedo 700," "Singer Graduate"
Here are some advertisements for the Travel-Riter:
Cleveland Plain Dealer, August 17, 1959  (Image from America's Genealogy Bank) 

Seattle Times, October 14, 1959 (Image from America's Genealogy Bank) 

The Seattle Times, September 13, 1960  (Image from America's Genealogy Bank) 

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  1. I know they're not much to look at, but I really enjoy using my Monarch. These machines have a nice, solid feel.