Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Special Thanks to Richard Polt

A few weeks ago, I asked Richard Polt if he had an extra rear panel to a 1950s Royal Quiet Deluxe. He said he did, "But it's pink." I asked if he could send the other pink panels, and he did--in its case! Thanks to him, my $2 Royal Quiet Deluxe is now much less drab.

He is also a great resource of information on prewar Remington Portables His site devoted to them is below:
 The new case
 The dark gray panels are original, but the pink panels are new. I love the differences in texture between the two colors. The pink panels are from a 1957 or later Quiet Deluxe that was Mr. Polt's parts machine. The push-button mechanism is built into the front panel. The red panel with the word "Royal" on it is original to this front panel (the original front panel had a gray panel)
In this picture, it is less pink, but tanner. 

The tan/pink panels have a crinkle finish, while the charcoal panels are very smooth. The new case is in much better condition than the case it originally came in (which I now think was not original either, after seeing other charcoal Quiet Deluxes on Etsy and Ebay with gray-lined cases.)

The end result reminds me a lot of the late-1950s Speed King:
Royal Speed King, circa 1959. Notice the bulky keytops, which were found on the Futura, and the later Safari. This was a lower end alternative to the Quiet Deluxe and the Futura, lacking the Futura's keyset tabulator.

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  1. Looks nice! Pink and gray is always a classy combination. Glad I could help.